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Cameroun, artiste plasticien, BORIS KOPALA
Cameroun, artiste plasticien, BORIS KOPALA



Vit et travaille à Buea
Tel: (+237) 672-882-445



Born on January 1999 in Buea, started drawing since at a tender age but took up painting as career at the age of 11 years when he attended an art formation and workshops organized by LES BRASSERIES DU CAMEROUN from 2008 to 2012. Because of the stories he heard about great artists that have exited and their impacts they have made in domain of art and the world in general he was been inspired and wanted to be known positive like them, since the end of that program his paintings talk about the aspects of judging someone base on his or her physical appearance without taking into consideration and trying to know more on what he or she can portray from inside. Which he expresses these in cycles lines and figurative manner he also came across artist like MAX LYONGA, JEAN JACQUA KANTE, WANKO CUBART and many others which according to him this artist have helped him in the development of his artistic career financial, morally and artistic supports, he has participated in competitions and exhibition. Like In 2010 won the art KIDZ AND TEENZ competition, later on under a group called BEFIN HAND participated for the SIARC arts exhibitions, he also represented his university at the UNIFAC in Yaoundé 2015. Apart from the competitions he won, his works were selected and exhibited in a popular art centre DOUAL'ART for the JEUNES ESPOIRS 2017 competition also participated for the residence artkeo 2018 in Batie, 2019 Doula art Fair and other exhibitions around like Last Picture Show in Douala Cameroon.

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